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Our Story

How do you change a company name that has been a community staple for 40+ years? Why fix what’s not broken? What will the response be? Is this going to confuse customers? Where do you even start? It’s taken longer to find the “perfect” name than deciding to buy O’Malley’s Catering & Rental, in 2009.

My love for cooking started at a young age. Growing up in an Italian household with a chef for a father and a mother who could cook like a “Nonna” well before she even became one, was what propelled me into a life-long passion.

Going through this process I am flooded with many memories of impromptu gatherings where suddenly there is a spread fit for a King. Family sitting around a large table of polenta topped with a meaty tomato sauce, each one claiming a side and eating towards the middle or until you could eat no more. Spending hours making homemade wine, listening to stories from back home that lasted well into dinner time that featured “Zia’s” homemade pasta and accompanied by dried soppressata that rivaled anything that I have tried since.

Navigating through the years of training while working for someone else’s dream was necessary for me to realize my dream. I found O’Malley’s (or O’Malley’s found me). I respect everything that comes with that name…the history, the staff and customers through the years, and the two previous owners…but the time has come for me to start my own history.

Enter Avanti Events Ltd.

Avanti signifies progress and serves as a versatile name with positive associations tied to innovation and momentum. It stands as a continual reminder to maintain a forward-thinking, dynamic approach.  As I reflect on my career and culinary experiences, I look ahead with excitement and anticipation, eager to embrace new challenges, refine my skills, and continue exploring the endless possibilities that the gastronomic world has to offer.


Emidio Amicucci 

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Image by Artem Beliaikin
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